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Project Management

This is a Demo Application

All of the functionality below was 100% generated using the point, click, drag & drop features in SonicJs. No custom coding was used. This includes:

  • Creation of the Project Management Module
  • Creation of the Project content type
  • Creation of the Task content type
  • Creation of the Status Report content type
  • Data entry forms for all content types are automagically generated including form validations
  • Creation of the data relationships between the Project, Task, and Status Report content types
  • Ability for a task to be shared among multiple projects
  • Ability to View, Add, Modify and Delete Projects, Tasks, and Status Reports
  • Ability to display all detail, edit and delete confirmation UIs in a modal
  • Ability to add a new task or status report with the Project selection pre-populated (example of context awareness)
  • Ability to generate the below view using the "View" module, which automatically groups each project and then generates a UI for each child
Status Reports
Status Reports
Status Reports